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The Nurtured Heart Approach®

I've been challenging myself to recognise my own greatness throughout the day. I've noticed how self critical I am. I'm lucky enough to be able to undertake voluntary work in my community working with young children and adults.

On my bicycle ride home I've noticed how easy it is to allow my mind to point out every little moment when I could have done this or that instead of what I did do.

Before I got on my bike today I reset myself and looked at all the great things that happened. None of the participants got burnt by our fire in the woods. Everyone got back safely and with a smile on their face. I was able to recognise greatness and to speak it out.

Today I'm more aware of the need to take a moment to breathe before I rush to judge or to evaluate.


I am determined to direct my energy away from what is going awry and towards what is going well.


I'm going to look for greatness in every moment and I'm going to tell others about how great they are.


I'm continuing to practice 'Greatness Breathing' so that I can propel myself into ever deepening recognition of my own greatness and the greatness of those around me.

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