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Nurtured Naturally provides training and support that enables individuals, families and organisations to build positive relationships using the Nurtured Heart Approach®
The Nurtured Heart Approach® is a methodology based upon the idea that individuals can grow in 'greatness' and overcome difficulties in their lives through a process of focussing on what is going well; creating success and managing how energy flows within a relationship. The approach has been seen to work well for parents who are finding it difficult to manage their children's behaviour. It offers support for developing strong relationships and is often used in schools so that individuals are faced with their success. It is being used successfully in marriage therapy and conciliation work. The approach seeks to build radically appreciative relationships whereby everyone can develop and grow in to the best version of themselves. It becomes the work of us all to seek to recognise the 'greatness' within each other.
This methodology is particularly suitable for parents, teachers, couples, caring professionals, managers and those who want to develop themselves and others
Celebrating the Greatness in Everyone!
To find out more please visit the Children's Success Foundation website.
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