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New Book by Howard Glasser and Melissa Lowenstein

So Howard and Melissa have written a workbook with the title 'the Transforming the Intense Child WORKBOOk' Interesting use of upper and lower case letters in the title.

This is a great book with loads of examples that clearly communicates the Nurtured Heart Approach®. I've been using it in some of the work I'm doing and there are some really clear stories about how easily someone can be drowning in the negative feedback from the adults around them.

This book is only available in the US at the moment so you can get it online but there is postage to be paid. For those of us outside the US the book can seem a little pricey.

I know that some organisations that are using the NHA® in the UK have been able to buy this book in bulk and therefore lowering the cost. It's a great book and it will definitely help you to use the approach effectively.

If you live in Norwich I've got a few copies so you can send me a message and I will try to get a copy to you at a slightly cheaper price.

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