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See the greatness all around you

Sometimes I find myself noticing interactions between people and I think what is going well in this situation. As I continue to observe I'm aware that this is a conscious decision I'm making. I'm looking for whats going well. It takes a bit of practice but after awhile this active decision to see what is going well instead of always looking for problems pays the most amazing dividends.

Just give it a go yourself. Notice how often your child is on task. Notice how often they are being kind and considerate. It can be quite a surprise. When you start to become aware of the moments of greatness you have a wonderful opportunity to step in and say "I'm noticing you taking turns in the game. I see you putting your shoes away."

Take a risk. Look for what is going well in the world. You will be surprised. We live in a world full of 'greatness.' It can be found in every moment.

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